Devil May Cry 5 – Strategy Guide


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Devil May Cry 5 – Strategy Guide

Devil May Cry has finally returned! The over-the-top action series from Capcom comes back with a brand new entry, where you will be able to control one of three characters, one entirely new to the franchise, to slay demons and look stylish while doing it. The demonic invasion has returned to the world of Devil May Cry, with a demonic tree taking root in Red Grave City. Armed with a robotic arm, made by a self-professed weapons expert named Nico, Nero plans on ridding the city of this demon tree.

This guide is intended to bring you through all of the main missions in the game, offering tips on the enemies you fight, how to get S-Ranks on the tougher missions and strategies for the boss fights. It will also list all of the locations for the collectibles, as well as where to find every single Secret Mission, as well as how to complete those. In addition, you will find a full trophy/achievement guide, as well as details on all of the skills and mechanics for each of the three characters you can control in the game.

– Full walkthrough of all the main missions in the game, including changes across difficulties

– Locations and strategies for every Secret Mission

– Strategies on how to get S-Ranks on every mission

– How to find every single collectible in the game

– A list of all skills for all three characters, as well as strategies on how to use each character

– A complete trophy/achievement guide

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Devil May Cry 5 – Strategy Guide
Devil May Cry 5 – Strategy Guide
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