Knowing Your PSP


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Knowing Your PSP

In today’s gaming industry, we can see a lot of things shifting and changing as the years go by. There are a lot of new and great games that come out almost every single year. Game consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have updates on a regular basis. This also includes the PC which exhibits its supreme power by playing games that are also found on the PS4 and the Xbox One. In this ever changing world known as the gaming industry, there is still one thing that most gamers crave for – playing those triple A game titles on the go. The handheld market is no new face in the gaming industry. For most people, they still remember when Nintendo’s Game Boy first came out in 1989. In those times, gaming was still on 8bit graphics. With the ever changing developments in the gaming industry, many improvements have been made. These improvements come in the form of spectacularly realistic graphics and sound, innovative controls and online multiplayer. Almost no one has the luxury to experience these things in the handheld sector of the gaming industry. However, with Nintendo’s first attempt of the handheld sector with the Game Boy and their subsequent success with it, have drawn more competitors to this field in the gaming industry. After the success of the Game Boy, Nintendo moved on to their new handheld device called the DS, which also gained some success. The DS later received an upgraded version called the Nintendo 3DS. Of course, Nintendo was on their way to dominate the handheld sector, until Sony came up with their own device to make a great debut in this sector. This device came in the form of the PlayStation Portable (PSP for short). The PSP was by far every handheld gamer’s dream device. The PSP’s capabilities rivaled that of the early Game Boy and the DS combined. During that time, the PSP was on a brief competition with Nintendo’s 3DS and both have proven to be tough competitors in the handheld sector. In this eBook we will teach you on how to maximize the use of your PSP to the fullest. We will also provide some other information like proper use, maintenance, and many other things. Basically, we are going to teach you on how you can use your PSP to the fullest.

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december 2015

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Paolo Jose de Luna


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