2023 Fundamentals of American Mahjong


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2023 Fundamentals of American Mahjong

If you’ve heard the clacking mahjong tiles but aren’t sure how to play, this basic guide to playing mahjong is for you!
American Mahjong is a social game of four players that demands the right mix of precision, strategy, skill, and luck in order to win. This beautiful game of tiles is a cloud mixture of uncertainty of what tile you are picking, regular decision making on what move to make, and funny anxiety that you have three other players in the same labyrinth as you. While the Mahjong game has been known to be a game that is mentally tasking, it is also a game that could be easily addictive when it is well learned and understood. The bond the Mahjong game has created amongst players everywhere it has been introduced, is what has made it standout from other board game. It is just pure fun!
This Fundamental Guide to American Mahjong is rich in details and pictorial illustrations of the step-by-step mastery of the Mahjong game. Many who have seen this game being played can only but desire how to play and become very good at it. However, while learning to play is one thing, winning a game of Mahjong is different. Contained in the pages of this book are strategies and plan of actions explained out in clear terms, enough to turn any newbie into pro.
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12 juni 2023

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Adobe ePub


Oliver Thompson

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Android (smartphone en tablet), Kobo e-reader, Desktop (Mac en Windows), iOS (smartphone en tablet), Windows (smartphone en tablet)






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2023 Fundamentals of American Mahjong
2023 Fundamentals of American Mahjong
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