21 Days to Diamond and Beyond


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21 Days to Diamond and Beyond

As a Master Tier player on both EUW and EUNE servers that cares deeply about the state of League of Legends, I had enough of the lack of high quality educational material about the game. So about a year ago, I sat down and wrote what turned out to be the best selling ebook about improving at League of Legends on Amazon – 30 Days to Diamond.I used my experience as a real life teacher and a high elo player to create the most detailed, effective and complete source of game knowledge out there. The impact 30 Days to Diamond had on hundreds of players was enormous and I have summarized the results they achieved in the preface of this book.The book made a bold promise – that no matter what level of skill you are currently at, as long as you apply the principles it teaches, you will be able to reach Diamond 5 rank within 30 days of playing on a fresh account. Mind you, that’s regardless of whether you started as a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or a completely new player that has just installed the game.The reason why the book delivered on its promise for so many people was simple. I was aware that no matter what your starting point is, as long as you fill in the knowledge gaps that you have about the game and you apply the proven principles that my book teaches, you WILL completely transform as a player over a short period of time. There are no ifs, buts or shoulds – facts are facts and results are results.Well, due to multiple requests from dozens of people online, I was motivated to roll up my sleeves again for Season 7. So I wrote the book you are about to read next – 21 Days to Diamond and Beyond. It is a longer and more detailed, improved, enriched and polished version of 30 Days to Diamond and it has been created specifically for Season 7. Please don’t get intimidated by the length of it – I assure you that every page is worth your time.And I am now going to make an even bolder promise – if you take the time to learn all the principles and techniques I teach you in 21 Days to Diamond and Beyond, you will be able to reach a minimum of Diamond 5 rank within 21 days of playing on an unranked account, regardless of what your starting position happens to be right now. You could be Bronze, Silver, Gold or completely new to League of Legends.If your goal is to improve as much as you can at League in a short period of time – because you are a very competitive person, you like winning or you just want to have more fun playing the game – then this book will be your best friend. I am confident that you will be able to appreciate the value that it offers and I would like to encourage you to diligently apply what it teaches, as I go into extreme details on what you should do in pretty much any situation you can encounter in-game. Just look inside the Table of Contents to gain a perspective of the amount of game knowledge I’ve put together.As a result of being open-minded and applying what the book teaches, I assure you that you will get to enjoy the results that you are looking for. Are you excited already? Best of luck on the Summoner’s Rift!

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21 Days to Diamond and Beyond
21 Days to Diamond and Beyond
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